Sunday, October 30, 2005

First Bread

Image hosted by As this is my first bread-baking experience, it was quite an exciting and fun moment for me. Mixing the ingredients and kneading the dough weren't a problem, the dough rised as expected, but I failed while shaping the dough into balls to add the tuna mayonaisse filling. It was a total mess as the filling had too much liquid and it destroyed the dough texture. I had to throw away some of it, leaving me with just enough dough to make 5 hotdog buns and 1 tuna mayonaisse bun.

Actually, I intended to bake tuna mayonaisse buns at first but I suddenly decided to bake hotdog buns as well to have more variety while waiting for the dough to rise for the second time. I quickly drove to the nearest hypermarket and bought 2 packets of hotdogs with cheese bits in them.

I got stucked in the middle of preparing the dough and quickly connected to the Internet to search for the equalavent of 1 package of dry yeast (2 1/4 tablespoons) and also the equavalent of 375 Fahrenheit in Celcius (190 Celcius) on Google.

The total baking time only takes about 20 minutes. They turned out a bit crusty, a bit crispy, light goldened in colour (glazed with 1 teaspoon milk with 1 egg yolk), nicely shaped and too heavy for a commercial hotdog/tuna mayonaisse bun.

I only managed to taste a hotdog bun because the high-quality bread made it too filling for me to taste the tuna mayonaisse bun. It tasted good, not fluffy and puffy like the commercial ones and too filling for a bun.

I will definitely go for a lighter version in my next attempt.


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